DDA Adaptations

Unless suitably designed, entrance and exit points to buildings can often be a barrier for disabled or elderly people. As per the DDA when and where a building predates the act reasonable effort is to be made to ensure an entrance complies although this is not always possible or practical.

Studying DDA Requirements

Our design department is fully aware of the legislation set out by the DDA and we always, through clear and concise consultation with the client, make great efforts to comply with the relevant legislation.

Installations that would require the study of DDA requirements would be:

  • Doors (Minimum width of opening)
  • Ramps (gradient ranges)
  • Vision Panels (Minimum requirement)
  • Entrance panels (User friendly, height restrictions)
  • Handrails (Visual, user friendly to touch.)

We will always give your installation full consideration and advise of the minimum requirements your new installation should look to achieve.